Thomas the Grey (thegreyman) wrote in za_beta_test,
Thomas the Grey

ZA! The Aftermath

OK boys and Girls, I've finally recovered from Dragon8Con.  Sorta.  So it;'s time once again to get our ZA on.  Gonna get some good old school ZA this time.  Mo's Pizza has been around for a couple centuries and makes great za in a cool pub type atmosphere.  And the Deck is awesome.  Weather permitting that's where we'll be.  Som come on out and tell you D*Con stories or listen to us nerds tell them. =)

What? ZA!
Where? Mo's Pizza
When? 7:30pm every other Thursday.
Why? Cuz I've finally got all that zombie makeup off, the suitcase is unpacked(mostly) and Con is over.  But I still haven't washed my hand since I touched Stan Lee.
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