Thomas the Grey (thegreyman) wrote in za_beta_test,
Thomas the Grey


Hey Folks! Thanks to the lovely </a></b></a>poisongirl we'll be at the California Pizza Kitchen in Marietta tonight. That's because CPK is donating 20% of your bill to Good Mews Cat Shelter. If you don't know what Good Mews is, click the link and check them out. You'll have to present a flier when you order. I'll have plenty of extra copies or you can print your own from the Good Mews web page.

Hell of a good cause. So come on out, enjoy some great za, great company and give to a great cause all in one.

What? MeowZA!
Where? California Pizza Kitchen
When? 7:30pm every Thursday.
Why? Cuz everybody loves pussies =)
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