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Master of ZA!
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Ok, this is a community of SHEER INSANITY!
A place where people can congregate for any reason they may please!
It's MAIN function is for my little gathering of friends on Thursday evenings for the consumption of ZA and friendly chit chat.
Stay tuned for the madness that will ensue!

Also, for the record, this is the basic rundown of the ZA. Please read.

1) ZA=pizza We don't call it pizza though as that is a commoners term. We have come to idolize and worship the most perfect food in nature.

2) ZA is open to EVERYONE! I mean EVERYONE! It I hear one person saying otherwise, they WILL answer to the benevolent leader, ME!

3) The "official" meeting time for ZA starts at 8:00 pm-ish EVERY Thursday. It ends when the last person leaves. This is 8:00 PM!!!! This is a evening affair people.

4) While you are at ZA you will be as nice as possible to everyone around you INCLUDING the servers and staff. Sometimes, we make them VERY busy. If I see one person starting to get uppity because they don't think the service is good, I'll tell them to STOW IT personally. Patience people. Also there is a possibility that you may be near someone you don't care too much about. Be nice. If you can't be nice, please leave.

5) Due to the amount of people that ask me how to get there, I'll post the address instead. Please use Yahoo Maps(tm) as it provides EXCELLENT directions to this location. The address is, 7085 Jimmy Carter Blvd NW, Norcross, Ga.

6) That's about it. This is for people to meet up and have lunch and shoot the poo and have fun. Please join us if possible. If you don't like it, fine, nobody will put a gun to your head and make you come back, but at least give it a try.(I know not everyone can make it due to work and such.)

Thanks for looking. Even if you can't make it, feel free to post any insanity you'd like in this community. ZA is for EVERYONE. We look forward to calling you brother and sister.


Beta-Master of ZA

ZA's official Tag Line.
"It may be round, it may be triangular, but it is never square." (Courtesy of our own manifestress)